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Be it your home or office, you deserve excellent, unique, durable, and quality flooring. And this is exactly what you get in Epoxy Flooring Connecticut, New England. We provide high-quality flooring options that offer style and functionality. Update your regular floors with the most affordable and eloquent epoxy floor installers in Connecticut, New England.

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Some of our Services.

Epoxy Flooring Connecticut provides a wide range of epoxy flooring for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We specialize in engineering epoxy designs that complement your environment and encompass a new living space while providing a high-quality, durable backdrop synonymous with the name Epoxy Flooring Connecticut.

All-in-one floor! No smell, no scratch, safe and easy to maintain. While epoxy floors are optimum for the high traffic areas with constant wear of an industrial factory, it is also extremely good in both residential and commercial environments.

Epoxy flooring is no longer just for warehouses and hospitals. Providing a durable and long-lasting ground that maintains a modern, stylish and pleasant aesthetics in private residences. It elevates the style of your home and what lives in your space. We also offer residential customized epoxy floors to add a unique glow to each home.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for commercial places like supermarkets, retails, medical centers, laboratories, schools, restaurants and more. It is best to apply this type of floor for mirror-like coating in showrooms and retail outlets as it is very easy to clean and maintain.

We are proud to serve as Connecticut’s’ leading commercial floor epoxy company. We build quality epoxy solutions for 24/7 high traffic environments. Say goodbye to dirty, difficult and ugly grounds. Our seamless epoxy floorings can suit all your commercial epoxy demands at the most affordable price.

Whether commercial or residential, the garage has to suffer too much dirt, shedding, grease, and engine marks. That’s why it’s important to have a floor that can withstand anything. We would like to introduce one of the most popular options in the flooring market: epoxy. Garage epoxy flooring is a tested and reliable selection that can withstand the harshest of the conditions and requires minimum maintenance.

And the best part? We can handle installations and repairs, so you can worry less about the floor and focus more on the garage. If you’re looking for a new garage floor, epoxy is the best show. Our fast, reliable and friendly service are unbeatable.

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Basements are versatile areas of our homes but are often neglected from time to time. These rooms offer extra storage space, a place for entertainment, exercise, party and so on. It’s a multi-purpose den that can be transformed into anything we like to.

Imagine that there is a basement that smells like a brand new area, mold-free, and typical basement humidity doesn’t break the foundation of your floor. Think about that.

Once you decide your basement to be useful as a particular area, they are usually either forgotten or used a lot. Therefore, the epoxy basement is a very necessary investment. And the best part is it is cost-effective and easy to clean.

We know that the flooring in your industrial plant must be ultra-resistant, immune to harsh chemicals and should last long without damage or wear. Industrial epoxy flooring systems are a seamless flooring solution that is safe, cost-effective and performs better than any other traditional flooring.

Using heavy chemical-resistant roll coatings, our industrial epoxy flooring are perfect for factories and industrial establishments. Especially for forklift and heavy vehicle traffic areas with anti-slip quartz sand.

Let us tell you why industrial epoxy flooring is a safe investment for your company.

With an elegant and completely unique style and an ultra-durable surface that can withstand almost anything, you have a lot to love about the metallic epoxy flooring system. Yet not all metallic epoxy floors are the same. Whether you need a long-lasting metallic epoxy garage floor or something powerful enough for demanding commercial applications, we offer a range of epoxy formulations tailored to your needs.

Here’s why metallic epoxy makes big investments for your home or facility.
In Connecticut, a metallic epoxy floor system is often used as a focal point on commercial properties, offering its dazzling effects, and bright colors. The metallic epoxy floors in Connecticut are perfect for casinos, hotels, lobbies, restaurants, nightclubs and high-end retail facilities. It may be suitable for hospital lobbies, office buildings and more.

Why choose us as your epoxy flooring contractor ?

Easy In The Wallet

Unlike most flooring solutions, polished concrete requires little or no extra material to perform. Concrete flooring is both surface and product, resulting in low costs compared to the installation of traditional flooring types.


Polished concrete is not vulnerable to wear and tear, which most other flooring materials wear out over the years. While traditional types of flooring are often weaker than the hard and durable concrete underneath, the polished concrete has the same strength as the original concrete, while it is flexibility.


One of the most beneficial benefits of having polished concrete is that it avoids collecting allergens, dirt, dust and other contaminants common among a range of traditional trim types.


Another area where polished concrete stands out is the ease of maintenance. Because epoxy floors are made entirely of smooth and flat ground. Contaminants are not trapped between edges, cracks, and cracks and cannot penetrate the bottom layer, so you can wipe the floors very often.

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Questions about Epoxy

If properly maintained and maintained, everything can take years. What is good for epoxy floors, even if it requires low maintenance, does not wear or damage easily unlike other ground types. In general, epoxy floors last 2 to 3 years depending on ground traffic.

When used in flooring applications, the epoxy coating will lead to a durable and long-lasting flooring solution. Epoxy coatings and floor paints provide a decorative, glossy finish available in various colors and styles.

Epoxy flooring makes concrete extremely durable. They also offer anti-fatigue benefits and can be easily rounded on cement without mortar or glue. Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, oil, and cracks.

We’re not just another contracting company – we’re just working with epoxy flooring specialists who understand the best ways to use this demanding product. This means that our team is doing a quick and efficient job, but you can rest assured that the results will continue for years to come.

Although we use premium products and experienced epoxy flooring specialists, our project offers are highly competitive. Simple basic epoxy flooring starts at 10$. Contact us for information about specific offers.