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Residential Epoxy Flooring Connecticut

Tired of your old frozen concrete floors or cleaning carpets? Add a Class touch to your existing home with decorative epoxy flooring in Connecticut or start from scratch with the new structure. Visit us today and take a look at our epoxy floor range. Get ideas about which suits you best. We assure you quality flooring with the best materials available and a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from.

The flooring industry has a variety of trim styles, methods, and products from a wide range of materials to suit each environment that requires a new floor. Among this diversity, polished concrete has recently become one of the most popular residential flooring solutions in recent years due to cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and cleanliness.

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What Connecticut Residential Epoxy Flooring Has To Offer

Epoxy floor coverings are recognized for residential bathroom floors. The flooring can be modified to perform with any type and produce any layout. Because it is waterproof, it is a candidate for the epoxy ground to prevent water from leaking into the lower layer below any wet-prone area.

Having a garage means carrying certain obligations. Especially if you spend too much time on it, the floor will get dirty and it will be very difficult to wash.

Also, when the vehicle is parked, all kinds of dirt and liquids that the engine may have taken off the road drips into the ground. All this collects and stains on your floors. If you blow leaves into your garage when you park and miss them, they can cause a brownish/red dot on your garage floor, which is almost impossible to get out of. Garage floor paint will help with all these matters.

One of Connecticut’s most popular bathroom floorcoverings, flat-color epoxy is known for its unique blend of durability and affordable price. Available in a variety of consistent, pre-colored colors, our epoxy flooring concrete systems slide evenly and are a great choice, especially for large areas.

The kitchen is one of the most widely used areas of your home; it takes a lot of weight from your appliances to your kitchen cabinets and other furniture. With this amount of weight in and out of the kitchen, you want your floor to carry the weight without cracking or scratching. The epoxy coating makes the floor resistant to impacts.

Kitchen Countertops
Epoxy-coated countertops are also extremely easy to clean. Epoxy coating provides a highly cleanable dust-free surface to the countertops. Epoxy coating also makes your machines resistant and waterproof to chemicals that can damage unprotected machines.

When we compare epoxy floorings with other residential floor systems, there is no doubt that the epoxy floor has the highest durability on one side while maintaining its artistic side on the other.

Why Epoxy Flooring?

Low Maintenance

You may want to know other good choices regarding concrete floors. The concrete floor is renowned for its durability and fast protection capability. When the concrete floor is polished, it becomes stronger and heavier, so it is a perfect and well thought out idea to have concrete floors in different warehouses, garages, and large offices where many people work.

Epoxy creates a porous, uninterrupted surface where dirt, dirt, mold, and bacteria cannot find a place to hide, an important for any residential or commercial kitchen environment. Epoxy floors are resistant to staining and can be quickly cleaned with normal cleaning devices.


Once a polished concrete floor has been installed, you can certainly be positive as it will serve for hundreds of years. Other floors suffer compared to concrete floors, such as wood, laminate, linoleum. Having a concrete floor at home or work can be sure that this floor will endure for years in strange situations.

This saves you enough money when other ground types need to be reassembled or repaired. Even the most durable floors had to be replaced once in a while, and no one knows exactly when it might be. You should not think about it on concrete floors, polished concrete floors will exist as long as the building exists for several years or hundreds of years.


Many people are confident that polished concrete floors are not possible to have a beautiful architectural design. We guarantee that this result is wrong. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to how to decorate the concrete floor. It depends on your imagination.

In special cases, colors can be mixed on the concrete just before upholstery. Now and then the ornamental texturized traceries can be carved on the surface during polishing. When you already have concrete floors, waterproof latex can be decorated with paint. In the meantime, if you want the concrete floor to look like a tile, it will simply be done in the middle of polishing.

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FAQs About Residential Epoxy

The concrete floor is very flexible, marketable, and can be used almost anywhere from manufacturing to homes. Affordable, money-saving, durable, low maintenance, defect-free, environmentally friendly.

The polished concrete floor is free of all kinds of breakage, cracks, defects, insects and other living creatures. The only care that requires a polished concrete floor is to clean it with soapy water once a week.

Polished concrete floors are more economical, such as wood or marble. The cost of concrete floors is not so high, it provides a bright glow in a few dollars. To polish a flat gray sheet. It’s all up to you, to turn your floors into your imagination with all the decorative add ons.

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